About cattery

Welcome to the Moscow professional cattery of Canadian Sphinxes, Elfs and Bambino.
“Margo’Lis Chanti”

Our cattery is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) as well as with the Sirius club working to the European system in compliance with FIFe regulations, recognizes the mixed guidelines and is actively engaged in feline selection activity.

We also use in our work the best features of animals from both American systems CFA, TICA.

Our cattery is exclusive to our members. In the cattery, special attention is paid to the competent compatibility of pairs. From birth, our kittens are surrounded with love and care.

Our cattery has its own veterinarian who regularly examines the animals, conducts worming and tests for common diseases.

Our kittens don’t move to new "parents" till they are at least 3 months old, by which time they are “house trained”: the use of a litter tray, scratching posts, hygiene procedures.

Our "graduates" have all necessary documents: veterinary passport, pedigree (basic), care instructions

If you like a kitten, but you cannot take it at the moment; it can always be reserved by paying 50% deposit of the cost. Early reservation attracts a 20% discount.

Kittens are individually priced according to quality (standards) and purpose of purchase: for breeding or keeping as a domestic pet.

All photos of our pets posted on our website are taken by professional photographers and are the property of the cattery. Any use and copying thereof is prohibited and prosecuted by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


A little bit about the Sphinxes.

Hairless or bald cats have been around since time immemorial. So the ancient Aztecs considered hairless cat’s envoys of the gods and kept them in temples. In the 30s of the last century cats - "aliens" were noticed in India, Morocco and Paraguay. But the idea of creating a new "bald" breed, with a stable genotype that can be passed to the next generations, emerged only in the late 60's in the Canadian Ontario when an ordinary cat gave birth to a completely bald kitten.

As a result of selection a new breed appeared – the Canadian Sphinx. The first Sphinx was introduced to the amazed audience at the exhibition in Paris in 1984. Currently there are 3 breeds of sphinxes: Canadian, Donskoy and St. Petersburg.

Russian Donskoy and St. Petersburg sphinxes were obtained by crossing the Canadian Sphinx with Cornish Rex and Siamese, notorious for the difficult character of its representatives. Because of this, the "Russians” can demonstrate the obstinate temperament of their Siamese brothers.

Canadian sphinxes sincerely love their owners, and are not vindictive. "Canadian" will watch TV, lying on your lap, warm you at night, meet you at the door after work and play with pleasure with you and your child.

By purchasing the Sphinx, you get not only a devoted, loving friend, but also a pet, requiring special care because of its pedigree qualities.

Sphinxes do not like being alone. Their cat's heart will completely belong to you. If You are away from home for long periods-this is not your breed. Unless, of course, you get for your pet a friend or a girlfriend.

Sphinxes are very friendly and get along well with other non-aggressive Pets.

Despite its Northern origin, Canadian Sphinxes need warmth. Even the body temperature of sphinxes is 4 degrees higher than that of cats of other breeds.

Everyone knows that cats do not like to bathe. Not so with the Sphinx! Sphinxes love to bathe!

The skin of the Sphinx is unusually sensitive. Staying in the sun, the Sphinx can burn!

But most important - once acquainted with a Canadian Sphinx, having discovered its faithful nature, you will fall in love with it for life.